Get Rich Radio: What You Should Know Before You Join

You’ve been hearing about how people can listen to Get Rich Radio for FREE and get paid, and you’ve been wondering if its actually true. Well you are in the RIGHT place to get your Real Questions answered.

I will let you be the judge.

Can Get Rich Radio really put cash into people’s pockets with nothing to buy and nothing to sell? Marshall Sylver seems to think so. He has been teaching Personal Development skills for the past 28 years.

You can hear what he has to say in the video below.

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 Get Rich Radio Review: Introduction 

The idea of Get Rich Radio is where people can get rewarded for being educated. Marshall teaches LIVE everyday for 2 hours a day, 5 days a week. You get rewarded every time you listen and every time you refers other for free.

This concept was done in the past for about 14 months before and it was a tremendous success. Thousands of people participated.

Today, The Get Rich Radio has been transformed and rebirthed to help you learn, educated yourself, and earn cash.

Marshall Sylver has figure out what other people need, and figure out how to give it to them that is meaning to them.

He is taking 1/3 of his advertising budget paying it out to those listening to the radio show and another 1/3 of the money to those who refer people to listen to the radio.

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You can use this program to fund your business. Maybe you are looking for away to earn more money to fund your advertising budget for your business. Or Maybe you are even looking for extra money to keep your primary business above water.

You can use the money you are earning with Get Rich Radio to do so.

Most people want to be able to pay their cell phone bill which ranges from
$50-$300 a month.

 Get Rich Radio Review: How Does It Work?

As long as people stay logged in, listening to the radio, then you can get
paid lucrative money. Everyone’s definition of lucrative is different. For you it may be to have your cell phone bill paid, or maybe its to bring in an extra $500 a month.

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This program is in Beta mode right now and will officially launch on Feb, 10th 2014.It current has a working website, back office, and everything needed to get started right away earning Scholarship Dollars.

The moment you start listening, the meter will start turning immediately. Whenever you start referring people, you will start earning matching dollars.

Scholarship dollars can be earned by the listener and converted into CASH!

Before the transformation of Get Rich Radio, Scholarship dollars could only be used to by more products offered. This was a downside of it.

Now with the re-launch of Get Rich Radio, Scholarship dollars are earned as long
as you listen and also when you refer others to listen as well. You can trade your
scholarship dollars to CASH!

The moment you log into the radio show, your meter will start to turn. As long as
you are logged into the Get Rich Radio show, you will continue earning scholarship dollars.

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 Get Rich Radio Review: Commissions

You are paid $50 Scholarship Dollars an hour for listening. You are also paid $50 Scholarship Dollars an hour for your referrals listening. Every $1 Scholarship dollar equals 1 cent. $4800 Scholarship Dollars equal $1 dollar.

Get Rich Radio















You can actually have the radio playing in the background on mute:)

This may not sound like a TON of money, but it can add up to be very substantial.

If you have 10 friends listening with you a month for FREE, you can earn an extra $75 US Cash. This can pay for your entire advertising campaign in any opportunity or business that you are in, and for some it can be lucrative enough to pay your bills.

With 40 friends doing that at the end of the month, you’ve made $300 US Cash.
With 100 friends doing that at the end of the month, you’ve made $750 US Cash.

No one had to buy anything and you didn’t sell anything.

Marshall Sylver has made over 200 Million Dollars over the last several decades.

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 Get Rich Radio Review: Premium Membership

You can sign up as a Premium Member for $99.95 a month. WHat it includes is Video Streaming into the radio studio. You have priority access to Marshall Sylver 5 days a week for 2 hours a day. Premium members can call in and ask questions (Marshall Sylver becomes your personal coach.)

You get access to BONUS Training Material valued over $1000 for immediate download.

You also receive a $2000 Ticket every month you are a member to The Get Rich Radio Symposium where over a dozen people who coach, train, and teach you in Internet Marketing Strategies, Traffic & Conversions, How to make money in multiple ways all so that you can prosper from this moment forward.

The $100 you invest as a premium member comes back to you in $1000s of dollars every month.

You also quailfy for Premium Commissions. For every person who is a premium member, you make $20 a month as long as they stay a premium member. You also make $10 on the second tier. This means that you get paid from those people your referrals refer as well who are premium members.

The more people who sign up and become premium members, the more money you make as well.

You Can Sign Up For FREE Now and Start Earning by Listening.

Get Rich Radio is in pre-launch at the moment. On Feb 10th, you will be able to trade your scholarship dollars for CASH. Wait until Feb 10th to become a Premium Member so that you can receive all the benefits when Get Rich Radio launches.

 Get Rich Radio Review: Bottomline

After watching the video above, and hearing how I can simply listen to the radio for FREE, learn about awesome skills from a Multi-Million Dollars earner, I was sold. Its simple and easy to do. Plus it gives people a chance to begin transforming their mind and start earning CASH!

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